About Us

We are the United Black Men of Queens Foundation, Inc. (UBMQ).  We build mentoring programs for black boys and boys of color at the elementary, middle, high school and collegiate levels. The mission of the UBMQ is to actively assist and support the education of boys and their journey to manhood.   We prepare these young men by nurturing them within their communities, preparing and empowering them to believe in self-worth and service to their communities. 

For over 4 decades UBMQ has been serving young people in Southeast Queens through its mentoring program.  Over the years this initiative has grown and we are proud to support young scholars from elementary through college. We are committed to providing positive role models for our youth through mentoring, internships and community service projects.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication.

Change a Young Persons Life today!

we can do it together.

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