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It takes a Village

Alicia Hyndman

NY State Assembly

I. Daneek Miller

NY City Councilman

Vivian E. Cook

NY State Assembly

James Sanders

NY State Senator

Clyde Vanel

NY State Assembly

Leroy Comrie

NY State Senator

Gregory Meeks

US Congressman

Adrienne Adams

NY City Council Member

Melinda Katz

NY City Queens Borough President

Donovan Richards

NY City Council Member

Rory I. Lancman

NY City Council Member

Bhoomdat, Sugrim and Associates LLC (Certified Public Accountants). The community partnership with an accounting firm will prove to be very beneficial to participants.  Members of the accounting firm are currently adjunct lecturers of financial accounting at York College.  Their proven expertise as instructors for young people will be beneficial when they provide financial literacy and financial counseling and appropriate financial and banking products.  The accounting firm has also agreed to host training modules from their work location and utilize their offices as a job site for participants.  They have also agreed to support our efforts to find qualified business to become work sites for participants.

Black Spectrum Theater (BST). UBMQ’s partnership is very beneficial to the mentees and their ability to speak in public, build self-esteem and present themselves with confidence in both a group and individual settings.  Participants will benefit from this relationship by participating in a project-based learning module that will help them with civic engagement and to improve their leadership skills.  BST also counsels the mentees regarding careers in the arts both on stage as actors, performers and dancers and behind the stage as directors, producers, sound engineers and on set designers.  The partnership with BST will help students to expand horizons and believe that they can be anything that they set their minds to becoming.

New Jerusalem Worship Center- Mentoring Youth Ministry

York College- Educational Workshops

New Vision High School – Mentoring Program

Campus Magnet High School- Mentoring, Internship and Leadership Development

The Alumni Association of Lincoln University, PA. Metro New York Chapter

It’s All About The Kidz- Robotics and Coding Academy

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